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You can edit or correct ANY information you submitted on ANY form up until the entry deadline.

  1. Find the email that has the form you want to edit or correct.  Each form you submit comes to the email you entered on the form
  2. Click on the link "Edit the shared entry" (see below)
  3. This will take you back to the form and will allow you to make any changes you want INCLUDING adding any new media you want.
  4. Go to the end of the form and submit the changes.  You will receive another copy of the form showing the edits and changes

The ISBA is always redefining the award DIVISIONS & CATEGORIES to meet the needs of the rapidly changing industry.

If you haven't had a chance to read about this years changes and the rules and criteria associated with the divisions and categories, CLICK HERE

WARNING: Failure to follow specific rules and criteria could cause your entry to be eliminated.  Call Connie at 208-345-3070 if you have any division / category questions, or Tom at 208-286-7664 if you have any site technical question.

  • Video: YouTube Video
  • Audio: MP3
  • Image: JPEG or PNG
  • Document: Single or Merged Multi-page PDF
  • Articles or Online Content: URL
  • eMag "Flip-Book" post: URL

If you have an article that was created using multiple pdf pages, instead of have to upload each page seperately, combine them or "merge them" into a single file.  Use this free web service to do that.

When you upload your YouTube URL to our site, it displays the video in our own HD viewer and strips out any playlist or advertising.  The judge only sees the entry video. 

Video's running from webpages take up to 30 seconds to start running, are constantly loading advertising which cause the entire page to jump around.

Video's from our embedded media player start in 2-3 seconds, look spectacular and have NO advertising or playlists

What do YOU want in front of the judges???

Entry or Payment Forms: or 208-340-1351

Media or Site Issues: or 208-286-7664

Divisions, Categories, Rules, Criteria, Fees: Contact your association or organization executive director.

IPC / Martha Borchers / / (208) 389-2879

ISBA / Connie Searles / / 208-345-0282

WAB / Laura Grott / / 307-632-7622

Best in Media DOES NOT actually take the payments.  Our form allows you to easily list the number of entries you have submitted, generates a total and then re-directs you to the association or organization you are submitting to PayPal or Stripe account.  In some cases, the association or organization does not use PayPal, so the form is generating an invoice for you to print out and send in with your payment.

Best in Media does not take payment information or store anything except the number of forms you are paying for and the total price

If a person or department handles the payment for entries, simply forward them the full payment form URL that appears in your browsers address bar and let them know how many entries need to be paid for.

Our payment form takes the information from your association or organization and pre-populates each field.  The prices will sometimes vary based on the division you are entering, the number of entries (some states discount after a certain number of entries)

All prices pre-populated take into consideration all the variables from each state.  If you think the amount you are being charged is wrong, please click here and contact your association or organization 

You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal.  If you do have one, then you can use any balance in your account to make the payment.  If you do not have an account, the second option on the main PayPal page allows you to choose any of the 4 CC / Debit cards.  Visa / MC / Amex / Discovery


Click here to see a quick video of how to use the Payment Form

It's the heart and soul of Best in Media.  Our media platform is perfect for online media awards entry.  It features:

  1. Private account when you create a log in
  2. Upload videos: YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo post videos (URL), audio, images and documents all in one place.
  3. You can edit, rename or delete any files you put up
  4. It automagically organizes all the entry media for a particular state / org for easy "anywhere" judging.
  5. No one else can see your entry media (except Best in Media staff)
  6. If you enter a YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo video (URL) during playback for the judging, all playlist, advertising are stripped out AND it plays back in the same media viewer all the other entries are viewed from.  The judges do not get bounced in and out of our website to see these entries.  A happy judge is a good judging judge:-)

What can you do in your Media Manager?

  1. View all your media exactly how they will see it
  2. Edit the name if it needs to be closer to the entry name for linking
  3. Assign it to a state or organization if you mised that step during the upload
  4. Delete a file if it's not looking as good as you want it


We no longer offer uploading a video FILE to our server.  You can upload a:

  • YouTube URL (link)
  • Vevo URL (link)
  • Vimeo URL (link)


  1. Any YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo video you enter MUST BE MADE PUBLIC on your account or it will not show
  2. You must keep the video on your YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo account until AFTER YOUR AWARDS SHOW
  3. You are not allowed to use a link to a video running from your own website.  There are several reasons for this.  Call Best in Media if you have any questions about using your own website.  Tom 208-286-7664
  4. You must put your your YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo URL in your entry form AND UPLOAD IT TO YOUR MEDIA MANAGER



Roll over the "Your Media" tab in the navigator bar.  You must be logged in to see that tab.

Click on "View Your Media"  This will open up your Media Manager and you will see ALL your media on your screen.


You've already included your youTube, Vevo or Vimeo URL on your entry form, but you also need to UPLOAD IT INTO YOUR MEDIA MANAGER.

The reason is very simply:  When you load your YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo URL into your media manager, it:

  1. Plays the video back thru the same player all the other media is being viewed by the judges
  2. It strips out ALL ad's and playlists
  3. The judges do not have to leave Best inMedia's site to go to YouTube to view your video.  They DO NOT like to be re-directed outside of our site


General Information and Requirements

  1. When you que up a file in your media uploader (video URL or audio, image or document file) make sure you click on the box below the URL window or file browser button and assign the upload to the state or organization you belong to.






  1. We only accept videos posted on YouTube, Vevo or Vimeo.  Unfortunately, we do not allow videos that are running from a 3rd party website
  2. Use the settings that are standard for each site.  Typically those sites really like HD mp4's
  3. As you upload your video to one of the above sites, take a moment to title the video the same as the title you put in your entry form
  4. You will need to make sure your video is public (meaning it can be seen by anyone) and you must leave it posted until AFTER your awards show
  1. mp3 / 256-380kbps / 16 bit / stereo
  2. Try to make sure that the name of the file is similar to the title of the entry
  1. jpg or png files
  1. Single or multipage pdf file
  2. Do note enter a website for someone to view and article unless it's in a website category.  open the webpage, swipe all the text, copy it and then paste it into a Word doc and save it as a pdf

Your association or organization will do two things:

  1. Assign you a division and category(s)
  2. Give you a special Judging username and password.

Once you log in, you will be re-directed to the judging link page.  This is a simple page on the Best in Media site that has the links to the assocaition or organization who is open for judging.

Select your assigned association or organization from the list.

Now you will be on the judging dashboard.  The JD will have all the information and links you will need to proceed with the judging.  When you click on the division near the bottom of the page, you will be taken to a judging sheet which looks like a spreadsheet.

The "blue arrow" is the call letters of the entry

The "green arrow" is the category the entry is in (note: they are sorted by category for your ease)

The "red arrow" is the Entry Name

The "black arrow" is the link to the media file.  Each entry can have as many as 4 media files.  Then can be: V=video, A=audio, D=document, I=image, or W=website.  All of the files will open in our media viewer except for websites entered into online categories

The "orange arrow" points to the link you will use to return your results

Here a few hints to make the process work great:

  1. When you get to the judging sheet with all the entries, scroll to the page that has your assigned category and print it out!  This way you have something to take notes on as you view the entries
  2. Make sure you have a decent internet connection and speed.  We recommend a minimum of 5 Meg download speed.
  3. Make sure you have verified which division and category you have been assigned. You have been assigned this by YOUR association's ED.  Contact them for any additional verification.
  4. Your judging "dashboard" has links to the specific associations "entry criteria" so you can make sure the entry you are viewing has qualified for this category.  You are the last line of verification for an entry.

Unless otherwise noted, there should be no ties!

Yes...absolutely!  Broadcast associations love to hear your feedback.  The "Results Form" we provide has plenty of space for anything you'd like to add.  Feel free to use that space.  

When we assemble the judging sheets, we have checked every entry to confirm that the media runs and is the correct file for the specific entry.  Viewing media from the site does not require any special software.  It should all be contained in your browser.

Make sure you have the latest Adobe PDF Viewer installed on your computer to take advantage of the way it handles pdf files.

If you have any issues with media not running on your computer, please call Tom at 208-286-7664.

Best in Media provides a online results return form customized for the group you are judging. All the correct divisions and categories are "pre-populated in dropdown boxes for your convenience.

A link to this form is at the far right of every category "header row" on your judging sheets.  It will say "Results".  Click on that and you will be taken straight to the appropriate form 

It's actually simpler than most.

To create an account:

  • Roll over the menu tab labeled "Log in / Create Account"
  • When the menu drops down, click on "Create Account"
  • Follow the directions and fill in the information.
  • Your username should not be your email

Once you submit the registration, your account has been created and you are automatically logged in.  There is no email account verification sent.

Roll over the Log in / Create Account tab in the main navigator bar.  Click on Log in / Log out.  Your information should have been saved and auto-fill would have it ready.  If not, enter your username and password and log in. 

You will notice more tabs have been added to the navigator bar.  that is how you know you have successfully logged in

You have not logged in or somehow you have been bumped out of logged in status.  Log in again.

State Name Email Phone Website
Idaho / ISBA Connie Searles 208-345-0282
Indiana / IBA Dave Arland 317-701-0084  
Montana / MBA Dewey Bruce 406-431-2139  
North Dakota / NDBA Beth Helfrich 701-258-1332  
Nebraska / NBA Jim Timm 402-933-5995  
Oregon / OAB Keith Shipman 541-443-2299  
Wyoming / WAB Laura Grott 307-632-7622  
Idaho Press Club / IPC Martha Borchers 208-389-2879  


Everything you need to know about the entry process 

The person filling out the entry form should put their information here.  This is in case there are any errors, we can get a hold of you

An entry name or title is like a title to a book.  It's descriptive...enticing! If your entry should win, it's what will be engraved on your award.

Good title: "Hero's Do More Than Ride Off Into the Sunset"

Bad Title: "Best-News-featurestory_10-12-2018


  1. Run words together (our search engines can't find them)
  2. Use hyphens or underscores (same as above)
  3. Use the category name (it's not needed and is a horrible name)

You're creative!

Video: YouTube video link.  You must have your video set to "public" in order for it to show

*Audio: mp3 file

*Image: png or jpeg

*Document: PDF

Website or Social Media: full URL

*these files are submitted to our server.  You will be prompted during the entry process when to do this

4 files of any type.  Make sure you are following the rules and criteria of your award program

Short video tutorials that show all aspects of the entry form.  As long as you have your entry information organized, then it takes about 2 minutes to complete a single form.

Click here to see a short video running through the entire form. TRT 8 minutes

Click here to see Form Page 1: General information and links TRT :60

Click here to see Form Page 2: Your Information TRT :50

Click here to see Form Page 3: Division and Categories TRT :43

Click here to see Form Page 4: Entry Name / Title TRT 1:40

Click here to see Form Page 5: Media TRT 2:23

Click here to see Form Page 6: Recognition & Membership Status TRT 1:23

Click here to see Form Page 7: Entry Summary


This is the area where you put your name, email, phone number and what station, publication, educational or business name you are associated with.  This is so we can contact you if we find and issues on the entry form 



This is where you will select which Division and then associated Category you want your entry to appear.  Each category has specific criteria you need to follow in order for your entry to be considered.

Make sure you have reviewed the most recent list of Divisions / Categories and Rules for your association.  There is a link at the top of the entry form that will direct you to the information 


Your Entry Name or Title should be:

  1. Representative of the story or content of your entry piece
  2. Act like a headline by creating interest and overview
  3. It should be short.  Remember, this is what will be on your plaque if you should win.  Space is limited

It should not contain any division, contest name or category name unless the entry is from a specific date. 

  • Good example: Good Morning Idaho: September 23rd.

Bad Example: IPC Award Entry for Best News Show 09232022

  • Do not run words together or use hyphens or underscores.

Example: Best-news-show-ipc-ktom_09232022

These bad examples would look horrible on a plaque and they make it hard for our search engines to find the media that goes with the entry

Here are the media types you can submit:

  • Video:  Any video posted to your YouTube account.  It needs to be set to "Public" and all you do is to paste the URL into your entry form.  You DO NOT need to add it to your Media Manager.  Rule: Videos must run from YouTube unless it is being entered into a website / online category.
  • Audio: This must be a .mp3 file and you will upload it to your Upload Manager.  You will be prompted to do this in the form.
  • Image: This can be either a .jpg or .png file.  You will upload it to your Upload Manager.  You will be prompted to do this in the form.
  • Document: .PDF files only.  No other type of document.  If you don't have a way to turn a document into a PDF, you can use this free site
  • Website: Copy and paste the URL into the entry form
  • (Publications only) This is a free website that allows you to upload multipage publications (pdf file format) so it can be viewed in it's entirety as if the viewer had the whole publication in their hands.  Just copy and paste the document URL into your form.  Accounts are free.

Copy the YouTube URL from your YT account.  Note, make sure your video "visability" is set to "Public".

  1. On page 5 of the form, select how many MEDIA files you plan to add for this entry.  You're allowed up to 4 of any type or combination
  2. A dropdown field appears, one for each video you plan to submit
  3. Select "YouTube LINK"
  4. A field appears for you to copy and paste your YouTube URL.  A reminder appears that you DO NOT ADD THIS LINK TO YOUR MEDIA MANAGER!"

Continue adding the rest of the video links if you selected to add more than 1 file.  If not, continue on with the rest of the form.


You can add audio (.mp3), image (.png, .jpg) or document (single or multipage .pdf) files to your entry.  Only these types are allowed.

Know where these files are on your computer then on page 5:

  1. Use the dropdown field to indicate how many files (or links) you plan to add to the entry.  You are allowed 4
  2. A Media Type dropdown will appear for each file you want to add (up to 4)
  3. Select the type of file you would like to add
  4. A copy of your ENTRY NAME / TITLE will appear.  Swipe and copy that full name
  5. Click on the "CLICK HERE" link.  This will open up your file uploader app
  6. Paste the name / title you copied into the box, then click "Select File" bar across the top of the app.
  7. Find the file on your computer and doulbe click it to add it to the bar.  The file name will then appear in the bar
  8. Click "UPLOAD" button and in a moment your file (audio, image or document) will appear in a viewer.  You're done

Return to the main tab in your browser and continue to finish your entry form

You can submit a link to a website or social media page for categories related to online entries OR publication and peridodical articles that are viewable online.  

  1. Select how many files or links you want to add to the entry.  You are allowed up to 4 files or links
  2. Select "Website or Social Media Link"
  3. Another field will appear that allows you to paste the full URL of the webpage or social media you are adding.

Important (Publishers only) If the link sits behind a paywall, you must provide a username and password.  Click on the "Yes" checkbox.  Provide the required information.  Note:  If you are submitting several entries that sit behind a paywall, keep the same username and password for all entries.

  1. You DO NOT have to submit links into your Media Manager
  2. Continue on with the rest of the form is the premier eMagazine site that allows you to put entire publications, periodicals, brochures or start and jump pages as .pdf files so the viewer can see what an entry looks like as if they were holding it in their hands.

They can flip through pages, open multi-page brochures, newspapers and magazines just by uploading a single or multi-page .pdf.

You must create an account which for the basic account is free.  Go to to create an account, then follow the site directions

Back to your entry form:  Once you have a URL for your posting:

  1. Click on "Media: Select Type" and use the dropdown field to click on " Link"
  2. Paste your posting link in the box provided

That's it.  Continue on with the rest of the form


This is where you indication the people who were involved in the creation of the entry media.  The names you enter here will appear on the award if you entry wins!

  1. You have 6 spaces to add names and membership status
  2. You MUST indicate each persons membership status.  IPC Rule:  If anyone involved is a non-member of the IPC, then this entry kust pay the non-member fee

VERY IMPORTANT: How you enter their name is EXACTLY how it will appear on the plaque.  Check your spelling.  We do not correct spelling mistakes!!!

The Entry Summary Page at the end of the form takes all the information you entered on the form and shows it in one place BEFORE you submit the form.

If you find any mistakes, you simply use the "Back Button" to go back into the form and make the corrections.  None of the other information will be deleted.

Once you make the correction, click forward through each page until you reach the summary page again, the check to box to "Yes" and submit the form.

Note: You will receive a copy of the entry for in your email.  There is a big button named "Open Form".  This also allows you to return to the form and make corrections any time while the call for entries is open.