IPC Deadline Announcement


Please note:  Your deadline is this coming Wednesday at 11PM MST.  At that point, the entry forms will close but you can still access your media in case you need to make changes.

1) EDIT YOUR ENTRY: You have total control over your entries.  Every time you submit an entry form, you will get an email of that entry form. 

Note: The system ALWAYS sends an email.  Make sure you check spam or junk or if you used a different email.

If you need to make any changes AT ALL, simply click on the "Edit This Shared Entry" link at the top of the email.  This will re-open the entire form, allowing you to make changes


2) CHECK YOUR MEDIA: If you need to check your submitted media, click on "Your Media > View Your Media" from the navigator bar and you have complete control over your media



As we get ready for judging, we check every single entry and submitted media and if we see any abnormalities, we will contact you immediately.

Good luck with your entry