Beyond the Award: Best in Media's Education Initiative

Best in Media has built a reputation of being one of the top online awards entry and judging sites for broadcasters and press clubs.  7 years of dedication providing the best platform, service and support to creative associations and organizations that represent clients in television, radio, web and publishing.  Our mission statement has always been "to provide the best possible service to all four components of an awards program:

  • The Entrant
  • The Association or Organization Executive Directors or Awards Managers
  • The Judges
  • The Production Company in charge of producing your awards show 

Now we have fulfilled a 7 year promise to add our education initiative!  Think about this for a moment:

See How This Applies to You!
How Our Program Works

Best in Media's Educational Initiative is designed to bring the latest award winning broadcast, web and print media directly into the classroom or as extra-curricular resources to the media or mass-communication student.

Purpose: Students should have access to current, trending, real-world examples of what will be expected of them as they enter the local or regional job market