Payment Help

If your state or organization has entry fees, here is how to use the payment system

Payment Form FAQ's

Best in Media DOES NOT actually take the payments.  Our form allows you to easily list the number of entries you have submitted, generates a total and then re-directs you to the association or organization you are submitting to PayPal or Stripe account.  In some cases, the association or organization does not use PayPal, so the form is generating an invoice for you to print out and send in with your payment.

Best in Media does not take payment information or store anything except the number of forms you are paying for and the total price

If a person or department handles the payment for entries, simply forward them the full payment form URL that appears in your browsers address bar and let them know how many entries need to be paid for.

Our payment form takes the information from your association or organization and pre-populates each field.  The prices will sometimes vary based on the division you are entering, the number of entries (some states discount after a certain number of entries)

All prices pre-populated take into consideration all the variables from each state.  If you think the amount you are being charged is wrong, please click here and contact your association or organization 

You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal.  If you do have one, then you can use any balance in your account to make the payment.  If you do not have an account, the second option on the main PayPal page allows you to choose any of the 4 CC / Debit cards.  Visa / MC / Amex / Discovery


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