Create a Best in Media Account

The first time you go to the Best in Media website, you will need to create a "user account" in order to use the site.  You only do this once.  Once created, you will have a username and password for future use.

When you create an account, you also have created your own, private Media Manager which is where you will upload all your entry media to.  Videos, audio, doucments, images and YouTube links

Here's how:

  1. Roll over "Log In / Create Account" in the main navigator bar
  2. Click on "Create Account" from the dropdown box
  3. Fill out the information required in the simple form
  4. Answer the math problem by typing the number in the box
  5. Click "Submit"  You now have an account that you will use for the entire time you are entering award entries.  You will also already be logged in!