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Each time you create an entry using our form system, we ask for an entry name.  Think of this like a book title.  It should only be about the content.  Examples:

Category: Best News Story

"Senator Bob Gentle Announces Retirement."  This entry name describes the story.  It DOES NOT mention the category, the station name, the association, any date.  It is seperate words.  No hyphens, not all run together.

You can also add your call letters to the beginning:

"WTOM-TV7 Senator Bob Gentle Announces Retirement."

It's all about making the name "seo" so the forms database can link to the media.

4 media files per entry.  Video (mp4), Video (YouTube URL), Image (png or jpeg) and Documents (pdf)  You can have a mixture of any or all.

All of the following files can be uploaded to your media manager unless otherwise noted
  • Video (to our server / recommended): mp4 only.  Click here for settings
  • Video (YouTube) URL. Needs to be listed in your form AND uploaded to your media manger
  • Audio: mp3
  • Images: png, jpg
  • Documents: pdf
  • Website URL*: Listed in your form, NOT uploaded to your media manager
  • URL: (for flipping book type viewing) Listed in your form, NOT uploaded to you media manager

*You CANNOT upload a third party website to show a video.  Website URL's are only for entry into a website or digital media category.

Demonstration of uploading a YouTube URL

Once you select what type of file you will be uploading, you don't need to include the "extension" in the file name.

In a perfect world, it would be great if you renamed the file you are going to upload the same as the entry name!  Example:

Entry name:  State Police Run a Sting Operation

File on computer: news_report_feb16-2015.mp4

Change to: State Police Run a Sting Operation.mp4

Note: You can change the file name before you upload it, or you can go into your media manager and edit it then. is a publishers website that allows you to upload a file that has several pages as a PDF and have it viewed as if the judges had the real magazine, brochure of newspaper in their hands.

It's generally called a flipping book view.  Many times entries by press or print like to show off the function of a publication as to how they set it up as a "page turner".

Issuu accounts are secure and free!  Go to: to set up a free account. Once you create your file, get the URL and enter that into your entry form.

Here's a demo of a jump page newspaper article

Click here for a short demo



Best in Media DOES NOT actually take the payments.  Our form allows you to easily list the number of entries you have submitted, generates a total and then re-directs you to the association or organization you are submitting to PayPal account.  In some cases, the association or organization does not use PayPal, so the form is generating an invoice for you to print out and send in with your payment.

If a person or department handles the payment for entries, simply forward them the full payment form URL that appears in your browsers address bar and let them know how many entries need to be paid for.

Our payment form takes the information from your association or organization and pre-populates each field.  The prices will sometimes vary based on the division you are entering, the number of entries (some states discount after a certain number of entries)

All prices pre-populated take into consideration all the variables from each state.  If you think the amount you are being charged is wrong, please click here and contact your association or organization 

You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal.  If you do have one, then you can use any balance in your account to make the payment.  If you do not have an account, the second option on the main PayPal page allows you to choose any of the 4 CC / Debit cards.  Visa / MC / Amex / Discovery

It's the heart and soul of Best in Media.  Our media platform is perfect for online media awards entry.  It features:

  1. Private account when you create a log in
  2. Upload video, video YouTube URL, audio, images and documents
  3. High quality video conversions than YouTube
  4. We keep you original file and make that available to any awards show producers
  5. You can edit, rename or delete any files you put up
  6. It automagically organizes all the entry media for a particular state / org for eas "anywhere" judging.
  7. No one else can see your entry media (except Best in Media staff)
  8. If you enter a YoTube video (URL) during playback for the judging, all playlist, advertising are stripped out AND it plays back in the same media viewer all the other entries are viewed from.  The judges do not get bounced in and out of our website to see these entries.  A happy judge is a good judging judge:-)

What can you do in your Media Manager?

  1. View all your media exactly how they will see it
  2. Edit the name if it needs to be closer to the entry name for linking
  3. Assign it to a state or organization if you mised that step during the upload
  4. Delete a file if it's not looking as good as you want it

 Here is a short tour of your Media Manager

You can upload 3 types of video files:

  1. mp4
  2. mov
  3. YouTube URL

Note: Any YouTube video you enter MUST BE MADE PUBLIC on your YT account or it will not show

Click here to see the best HD settings for an mp4 when you export it from your editor

First, we highly recommend that you do preview all your entry media for quality and accuracy.  This gives you 100% proof of EXACTLY what the judges will be seeing.

If there is something that is not to your standards, you can delete it and try a different file.

There are several places where you can click and go to your Media Manager.  The most immediate way is once your logged in, click on the dropdown from the main menu:

You've already included your YT URL on your entry form, but you also need to UPLOAD IT INTO YOUR MEDIA MANAGER.

The reason is very simply:  When you load your YT URL into your media manager, it:

  1. Plays the video back thru the same player all the other media is being viewed by the judges
  2. It strips out ALL ad's and playlists
  3. The judges do not have to leave Best inMedia's site to go to YouTube to view your video.  They DO NOT like to be re-directed outside of our site

Here is a short tutorial on how to upload a YT URL



These days, the very best type of videos that are meant for streaming is mp4.  Here's the best HD settings for exporting:

File Type: mp4

Codec: H.264 / AVC

Bit Rate: 1500-3500 (2500 is really the best choice for HD)

Frame Rate: 30, 29.97, 24

Aspect: 1280 x 720 (720P) or 1920 x 1080 (1080P)

Interlaced: de-interlaced or progressive (this eliminates the “venetian” blind effect) horrible in sports clips

Audio: 44.1 / 16 bit / stereo / mp3 (48K is just a waste of space)

The ability to set adjust these settings appears in different places depending on your software. 

If you have software specific questions, please go back to our main page, scroll down until you reach this section and choose your software.  This is compiled from Vimeo and walks you thru the export settings for the most common software used in broadcasting.

Your association or organization will do two things:

  1. Assign you a division and category(s)
  2. Give you a special Judging username and password.

Once you log in, you will be re-directed to the judging link page.  This is a simple page on the Best in Media site that has the links to the assocaition or organization who is open for judging.

Select your assigned association or organization from the list.

Now you will be on the judging dashboard.  The JD will have all the information and links you will need to proceed with the judging.  When you click on the division near the bottom of the page, you will be taken to a judging sheet which looks like a spreadsheet.

The "blue arrow" is the call letters of the entry

The "green arrow" is the category the entry is in (note: they are sorted by category for your ease)

The "red arrow" is the Entry Name

The "black arrow" is the link to the media file.  Each entry can have as many as 4 media files.  Then can be: V=video, A=audio, D=document, I=image, or W=website.  All of the files will open in our media viewer except for websites entered into online categories

The "orange arrow" points to the link you will use to return your results

Here a few hints to make the process work great:

  1. When you get to the judging sheet with all the entries, scroll to the page that has your assigned category and print it out!  This way you have something to take notes on as you view the entries
  2. Make sure you have a decent internet connection and speed.  We recommend a minimum of 5 Meg download speed.
  3. Make sure you have verified which division and category you have been assigned. You have been assigned this by YOUR association's ED.  Contact them for any additional verification.
  4. Your judging "dashboard" has links to the specific associations "entry criteria" so you can make sure the entry you are viewing has qualified for this category.  You are the last line of verification for an entry.

Unless otherwise noted, there should be no ties!

Yes...absolutely!  Broadcast associations love to hear your feedback.  The "Results Form" we provide has plenty of space for anything you'd like to add.  Feel free to use that space.  

When we assemble the judging sheets, we have checked every entry to confirm that the media runs and is the correct file for the specific entry.  Viewing media from the site does not require any special software.  It should all be contained in your browser.

Make sure you have the latest Adobe PDF Viewer installed on your computer to take advantage of the way it handles pdf files.

If you have any issues with media not running on your computer, please call Tom at 208-286-7664.

Best in Media provides a online results return form customized for the group you are judging. All the correct divisions and categories are "pre-populated in dropdown boxes for your convenience.

A link to this form is at the far right of every category "header row" on your judging sheets.  It will say "Results".  Click on that and you will be taken straight to the appropriate form