Best In Media: The Best Media Awards Platform Available

Welcome to a short overview of Best in Media...the easiest, full service platform for any awards program that involves video, audio, documents or images...or any combination of these files.

Compare Best in Media to any of the other awards platforms and you will see how we beat the competition by being "best"















See the video below for a front end tour of Best in Media's Platform and Service

Best in Media provides solutions for:

  • Broadcasting Associations
  • Press Clubs
  • Art Associations
  • Architectural Organizations
  • Photography Clubs
  • Sporting Associations

...any type of group that awards merit based on the viewing of creative content!

The Best in Media platform services for the 4 main areas of an awards program:

  • The Entrant: Quick entry forms, payment portals and a powerful, secure ALL media manager for the uploading of videos, YouTube videos, audio, documents and images
  • The Association Staff: Real time online entry and payment reports, full online or telephone support, any type of data merging
  • The Judges: Quick access to the entries with links to the entry media for viewing from our embedded viewer with pre-populated results return forms
  • The Show Producers: complete download access for show producers to get the winning media files for show production.

Take a quick look at Best in Media.  We've been in business for 7 years and are proud of our platform, tech support and customer service