Account Help

Need help with creating your account?  How about logging in?  It's ALL right here.

Account and Log In FAQ

It's actually simpler than most.

To create an account:

  • Roll over the menu tab labeled "Log in / Create Account"
  • When the menu drops down, click on "Create Account"
  • Follow the directions and fill in the information.
  • Your username should not be your email

Once you submit the registration, your account has been created and you are automatically logged in.  There is no email account verification sent.

Roll over the Log in / Create Account tab in the main navigator bar.  Click on Log in / Log out.  Your information should have been saved and auto-fill would have it ready.  If not, enter your username and password and log in. 

You will notice more tabs have been added to the navigator bar.  that is how you know you have successfully logged in

You have not logged in or somehow you have been bumped out of logged in status.  Log in again.


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